Revealed Journal with Audio CD

Revealed Journal with Audio CD



Maybe it’s a bigger house, or a better career, a promotion at work, orthe newest car. These aren’t good or evil in themselves—they are justexpressions of an element of the human heart…We’re all longing for something.

The great new is that we serve a God that desires to be known, and Hewants to reveal Himself through His Word to YOU. With this 21-day scripturejournal, you can devote yourself to fervently seeking Him daily and begin to encounterthe Heavenly Father in a new and powerful way.

For this Authentic Revelation journey, it is encouraged that you do thesethree things everyday:

  1. Listen intently to the daily message on the CD at the end of the booklet.

  2. Read that particular day’s scripture, and pray that God speaks to you through His Word.

  3. Finally, use the “notes” page to record anything that you feel God is revealing to you that day.

Let your longing be satisfied by the only one worthy and able to keep every promise He’s made to you—Jesus Christ.