The Will of God IS the Word of God

The Will of God IS the Word of God


Is God's will top-secret?


When it comes to discovering God's will, you may live in fear that He is holding out on you somehow. Yet, the Bible clearly reveals God's will for your life. You only need to listen.

When it comes to the subject of God's will, author and pastor James MacDonald finds historic misunderstandings among Christians: 


  • "Can you ever be sure about what God wants you to do?"
  • "What if you discover you've been doing something other than His will?"
  • "If you somehow stepped out of God's will at some point, can you ever get back on track, or is your situation hopeless?"

Are you in God's will now? Is a confident answer to that question ever possible?

Read these pages and discover the joy of actually knowing what God's will IS.