10 Choices Bible Study by James MacDonald

10 Choices Workbook

Study Guide

Want to change your life? Make new choices . . . starting with 10 Choices proven to change your life forever. This 120-page Bible study from James MacDonald will:

  • Free you from guilt and regret.
  • Help you stop carrying around old hurts and anger.
  • Close the gap between your public and private life.
  • Help you know your limits and set your priorities.
  • Establish a legacy and change your life forever.

Included in the study:

  • Choice 1: I Choose God's Love
  • Choice 2: I Choose God's Forgiveness
  • Choice 3: I Choose Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Choice 4: I Choose the Bible as God's Word
  • Choice 5: I Choose to Forgive
  • Choice 6: I Choose to Trust
  • Choice 7: I Choose to Love My Family First
  • Choice 8: I Choose to Be Authentic
  • Choice 9: I Choose to Serve
  • Choice 10: I Choose to Stand