Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom

James MacDonald

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Ancient Wisdom is a unique leather-like hardback that includes the entire book of Proverbs and creative arrangement of daily, corresponding devotionals. You'll enjoy it as a daily devotional and will be pleased to give it as a gift.  James MacDonald says, “The world would divide us in a lot of different ways, based on our education, our employment, our economic status or racial diversity or our social background. I’m here to tell you God’s Word divides us in two ways: the wise and the foolish. Wise people are the ones who hear the Word of God and do what it says. Foolish people are the ones who hear the Word of God but they don’t do what it says.


“I wrote this book in a year inordinately overflowing with challenges to be wise or foolish. Every time I turned around, I was presented with a challenge mysteriously wrapped into a choice to do what God’s Word told me to do—or not. The choice to disregard God’s Word never went anywhere good but my decisions to be a do-er of God’s Word and not just a hearer always yielded blessing.  “I lived in Proverbs that year—stretching my neck in the pursuit of wisdom and living out the hope that it promised. My hope is some of it rubs off on you as this daily devotional points you back to the most ancient, as well as most contemporary, volume of wisdom—the book of Proverbs.”

Hardcover, 160 pages

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By Richard


My sister gave me this book as a gift and I found it challenging and encouraging. Keep up the good work Pastor James! ~Alyssa