Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood by James MacDonald

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Study Kit
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Men are in trouble. From shallowness to surface entertainment and sensuality, men are allowing other things to encroach upon the place God has reserved for Himself. It is becoming increasingly difficult to not to slip into superficial, self-indulgent secularism when so many on every side are running in that direction.

What’s so desperately needed where we live—in our country and in our world—are men who embrace all that God created them to be. But to get there, we need radical surgery. It’s time to cut deep and get it all, and not be afraid of what that means.

What began as a burden God placed on James MacDonald’s heart is now his most popular teaching for men. Get your Act Like Men study kit today and experience the fulfillment your Heavenly Father created you, as a man, to enjoy.

Study Kit includes:

  • One Act Like Men leader discussion guide
  • Five Act Like Men books
  • 5 Act Like Men wristbands

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