Vertical Church Study Kit

Vertical Church Study Kit

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Study Kit
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A new model for church is desperately needed and Vertical Church is fanning the flame. The Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs For, What Every Church Can Be leader kit provides everything needed to conduct the Vertical Church Bible study. This study helps pastors, teachers, leaders, and serious believers get beyond human-centered horizontal church to focus on seeking God's glory.

During the study, participants will examine four requirements for a church focused on God:

  1. Unashamed adoration
  2. Unapologetic preaching
  3. Unafraid witness
  4. Unceasing prayer

Kit includes:

  1. 8 group sessions on DVD
  2. The Vertical Church workbook
  3. The Vertical Church book
  4. Video-driven content
  5. Learning activities

Vertical Church (8Sessions):  
Shortest: 32:44
Longest: 47:40
Average: 37:02

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By Rev. Jason


I'm an evangelist for Greenville KY and this is by far one of the greatest Bible Studies I've ever laid my hands on. This study not only teaches the Bible, but it makes you question what's going on in your church and why things aren't going the way they should be. It gives strength and courage to pastors and members who have become defeated and overcome with doubt. It encourages to stand strong and have faith in The Lord! I highly recommend this study to you and your church. This study has helped change my life and it is currently helping my church change our ways to get back to being Vertical again and picking up where we left off long ago!