Vertical Church Workbook

Vertical Church Workbook

Workbook, Softcover

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A new model for church is desperately needed, and Vertical Church is fanning the flame. The Vertical Church: What Every Heart Longs For, What Every Church Can Be - Workbook provides a personal study experience to help pastors, teachers, leaders, and serious believers get beyond a human-centered horizontal church to focus on seeking God's glory.

Participants will examine four requirements for a church that is focused on God:
  • unashamed adoration 
  •   unapologetic preaching
  •   unafraid witness 

  • The Workbook includes:
  • learning activities 
  •   viewer guides group 
  • experiences

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    This is one of the best studies I have done. Most of my life church seemed like a duty and a place where boredom was normal. After going to the Vertical Church Tour, I was amazed at how awesome and exciting true worship could be. I purchased this book and could not put it down. It opened my eyes to the reality that many of today's churches are a breeding ground for apathy and staleness. I realized that God deserves more! I want to worship God with joy and enthusiasm, and pass that on to my children.