Elephant Room Round 1 DVD Boxed Set

Elephant Room Round 1 DVD Boxed Set

Video Series, 4 DVD Set

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This DVD set features eight blunt conversations between seven pastors who share a common love for the Gospel but take differing approaches to ministry. No keynotes. No canned messages. These are the conversations you never thought you'd hear. Until now.
Experience the conversations firsthand.

Round 1 Conversations:


Session One: Preaching to Build the Attendance vs. Preaching to Build the Attendees
(Matt Chandler and Steven Furtick)


Session Two: Unity: Can’t We All Get Along? vs. Discernment: My Way of the Highway
(Mark Driscoll and Perry Noble)

Session Three: Culture in the Church vs. Church in the Culture
(Mark Driscoll and David Platt)


Session Four: Love the Gospel vs. Share the Gospel
(Steven Furtick and James MacDonald)


Session Five: Money

(Perry Noble and Matt Chandler)


Session Six: Multi-Site: Personality Cult vs. God’s Greater Glory

(David Platt and James MacDonald)


Session Seven: Compassion Amplifies the Gospel vs. Compassion Distorts the Gospel
(Greg Laurie and Mark Driscoll)


Session Eight: Bonus Roundtable Discussion

(All Pastors)

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By Ronald


These sessions will really help you grow and think. I really enjoyed this and hope that there is another one next year.

By Robin


The DVD teachings are absolutely fabulous. Eye-opener on several pastors I've seen and read - including James. In fact we have watched the whole series as a family 3x and are now inviting friends over to watch and discuss. Must admit though that I was "fonder" of James before he was unduly harsh with David Platt. I still believe Platt has the more Christ honoring foundation and that bigger and more technologically advanced does NOT indicate more successful. Willow Creek and Saddleback are proof that "nickels and noses" are not the name of the game, but rather souls who are becoming more and more Christ-like. Would highly recommend the DVD set - the forum was tremendous and I too hope there is a 2nd annual one next year.

By Anonymous User


I would love to watch these, but I have a bit of a problem paying $100 for both volumes. I'm sorry, but this just seems extremely high, and not only that but how do I know what the profits from these DVDs are going towards?