When Life Is Hard Workbook
When Life Is Hard
When Life Is Hard

When Life Is Hard Workbook

Workbook, Softcover, 158 pages

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Real living isn't an easy experience occasionally ruffled by difficulty. Authentic, on-the-edge-of-your-seat living is made up of trials and hardship, occasionally interrupted by amazing relief. Most believers realize it's always possible to find others who are having harder times, but I haven't met any committed Christians who are having easy lives. Life is a challenge. Yet the Christian life is a purposeful challenge.  Your Heavenly Father knows exactly what trials you are going through. Throughout this study, you will have many opportunities to learn what the Bible says about trials, why God allows them, and what He wants to teach you through them. Make sure you listen attentively to what He has to say to you.  A companion workbook to the DVD study. Order one for each member of your small group.

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By Jennifer


What a wonderful book. Changed my life. When I finished it I passed it on to a member of my church