When Life Is Hard

When Life Is Hard

James MacDonald

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Why Does Life Have To Be So Hard? Driven by his personal suffering in his own extended trial, James MacDonald determined to find out what God's purposes in trials might be. 'When Life is Hard' is a first-hand account of his discoveries.  You will find:  Five questions to ask during times of trial -What to do when trials are rooted in failed relationships - Practical ideas for achieving reconciliation and healing - Choices you can make in a trial - How joy can be a logical response to suffering - Four common responses to suffering and why you should avoid them - And an exercise regimen to help you prepare for and grow through trials. God has not abandoned you! He is watching you closely, monitoring your situation and offering His strength when yours is gone.

Softcover, 204 pages


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By Michelle


There are good books, and there are life-changing books. "When Life is Hard" is a life-changer. Because James uses Scripture as his base, you get the benefits of reading God's Word too. Whether you are a new Christian or a "veteran", this easy-to-follow, fresh approach will help you to understand why we have trials ... what the Lord expects from us in trials ... what we can expect from the Lord ... and how we can get through even the most devastating of times. Been asking God for answers? Buy this book, read it with your Bible to see the verses for yourself ... and listen up ... He will talk to your heart.

By Miriam


Going through Hardships, Trials and dealing with thorns can be very confusing but reading this book and knowing it is written by someone that has been through the fire has helped me tremendously. After three heart attacks at the age of 51 I had to wonder what the heck is going on but this book has reconfirmed to me that God is in control and he is working his likeness in me. Thank you James. Dana

By Murray


This is a MUST READ for anyone that is going through a trial or difficult time in your life. It is in an easy read format, and the book is full of scripture passages to back up the comments and observations. It will be a real source of encouragement to help you through your difficult time. James writes from his own experiences as well as those from the Bible such as Job. Remember that God disciplines those He loves. " He knows the way I take and when He has tried me, I shall come out as gold." Job 23:10.

By Anonymous User


I had never heard of James MacDonald until I happen to be standing in line to check out some items at a Christian book store when next to me I noticed a table of Christian books that were for sale. While I waited I browsed the books and the cover of When Life is Hard got my attention. I picked it up and read the back cover. I was going through a difficult period in my life at the time and I had read several books about the same subject. I didn't want to waste my money on another book that would just be filled with Christian cliches. The lady at the register was ready to help me and I had to make a quick decision and even to my surprise, I bought it. Best sporadic decision I ever made! I have read this book several times and I have recommended it or bought it for other people who are struggling through tough times. I have learned so much about God, His grace, and His purpose in our trials. I HIGHLY recommend ths book!