When Life Is Hard
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When Life Is Hard

When Life Is Hard

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Why does life have to be so hard?  When you find yourself asking that question, you need to know that He hasn't abandoned you. He is right there, wanting to help you, direct you, sustain you and get this: He wants this trial to change you. He is in your trial right now and He can use it to accomplish great things.  Whether it is physical, relational, economic, emotional or circumstantial, God said that we can expect trials. The trials that God allows have purpose; they can change your conduct and refine your character. Find God’s purpose in your pain and don’t let bitterness, unbelief or discouragement rob you of the treasure God is refining in you.

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By Trevor


A truely wise series as watched by our Mens group here in Canada. I feel knowledgeable in handling some of life's most difficult situations now. Since hearing God's words through Pastor MacDonald, God has revealed people in need for me to help. Amazing.

By Arlin


This series both encourages and convicts. It is so refreshing to hear the Word of God preached in this way. Our Sunday School class in Manitoba ranges from 25 - 75 year old people and we truly are blessed. Thanks to James Macdonald and Walk in the Word for the amazing series.

By Joan


Dynamic! Recorded when Pastor James was going through a trial, the material presented is fresh and powerful. We showed this on our Thursday night Bible study while our pastor was on vacation. We were so blessed by it! A must see for all as we all face trials at some time in our walk with God. God is never more present than when His children are suffering!