When Life Is Hard: God's Purpose in Your Pain
When Life Is Hard
How to Have Peace of Mind
Lord Change My Attitude, Audio Set by James MacDonald

When Life Is Hard: God's Purpose in Your Pain

Audio Series, 6 CD Set

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Why Does Life Have To Be So Hard?  When you find yourself asking that question, you need to know that He hasn't abandoned you. He is right there, wanting to help you, direct you, sustain you and get this: He wants this trial to change you. He is in your trial right now and He can use it to accomplish great things.  Whether it is physical, relational, economic, emotional or circumstantial, God said that we can expect trials. The trials that God allows have purpose; they can change your conduct and refine your character. Find God’s purpose in your pain and don’t let bitterness, unbelief or discouragement rob you of the treasure God is refining in you.

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By Cliff


Pastor James, Thank you for devoting your life to teach us His Word ! We heard you teach this series at Camp of the Woods this summer. We felt your pain as you were going through a trial of your oun. I know it's hard but the trial makes you a more powerful preacher. Would you let us know how we should continue to pray for your family. God is doing a assume work in our lives through Walk in the Word ! Thank you for sacrificing so much, Cliff & Laurie E. Prov., RI

By Murray


I have downloaded each broadcast in this series. I find it helpful to listen to each broadcast then read the corresponding chapter from the book "When Life Is Hard.". Jame's enthusiasm comes out as you hear his message and is then reinforced as you read it. They compliment each other. If you are going through a trial this is a MUST HAVE step by step guide to get you through.Everthing is explained from a Bibical, personal experience point of view.

By Danielle


I bought this message series when it came out the first time as "Turning Trials into Gold" and I am so thankful for Pastor James and his wonderful ministry. Your messages always seem to come at just the right time in my life and your books are fantastic. Thank you and God bless you!

By James and Joanne


Members of my family are going through difficult trials (cancer) right now! They need this kind of wisdom from God's Word. Thanks so much for preaching that addresses the issues of life as they really are. - Jan