Sensual Wanderer - Come Home!

Sensual Wanderer - Come Home!

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"I want it and I’m going to have it. It doesn’t matter what it costs me or what it costs you."  Think of all the seemingly harmless little indulgences that we like, that we want, and that we must have. Those desires don’t always start bad but allowed to take their course; they spiral to their destructive end. Desires turn to addictions and before we realize it, we’re consumed with whatever sensual pursuit we think will please us—food, alcohol, sex, entertainment, caffeine, control, whatever we want, as much as we want, no matter what. If God’s Spirit is shaking you awake in the trap that you’ve slid into, wake up! Hear the life-giving message from James MacDonald to every sensual wanderer: You can come back. If your heart beats fast at the thought of freedom from this prison, it’s not too late. Turn around right now.

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