Wise Up- A Study in Proverbs

Wise Up- A Study in Proverbs

Audio Series, 6 CD Set

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Who you are today is the sum total of the personal choices that you have made. We all make decisions about how we will live, who we will love, what we will pursue, who we will become. Our choices have shaped our lives.


“Wise up” is actually a really nice way of saying, “Don’t be foolish.” When every voice in this crazy world wants to push you into its pattern, the Bible tells you the truth . . . about what brings satisfaction, about the power of friendship, about the allure of money, about what will enslave you. Come study the book of Proverbs with James MacDonald and learn how to make the choices that will make you wise.

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By Beth


I listened to these messages on air every morning with my two young children (9 and 4) and love it so much, I want this on CD. This is applicable to everyone, young and old. I recommend this to any Christian seeking discernment and wisdom in their daily living.

By Aamie


This is just what I needed! I have been looking for something to encourage me and strengthen me daily. As a stay at home mom it is so hard to find time, but this was the perfect thing to listen to while I was doing dishes and housework! This series is so applicable to everyone in every walk of life. Thank you!

By Steve


We have found this teaching just as valuable for our 21 year old daughter as it is for our 10 year old son. Of course, we don't miss the importance for ourselves as parents as well :)