Transforming Your Family by Faith

Transforming Your Family by Faith

Audio Series, 6 CD Set

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It is not easy to have a godly family in the evil days in which we live. It requires faith. This series explores the transforming effect of believing God's Word in family matters and acting on them by faith.

Messages Included:

  • How To Change Your Husband By Faith
  • How To Change Your Wife By Faith
  • Succeeding In Marriage By Faith
  • Succeeding As A Mother By Faith
  • Training Our Children By Faith - Part 1
  • Training Our Children By Faith - Part 2

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By Kristen


Unbelievable series! My mother had given me a copy of the cds and I am now coming back for another set after gifting that series to a friend in need - the messages are so clear and practical and I literally found myself listening to them OVER and OVER as I work - God's truth is a wonderful thing - this series has helped me immensely both understand and implement many principles God would have me to use in raising my little ones and in being the wife HE intends for me to be - thank you