Seven Words to Change Your Family...While There's Still Time

Seven Words to Change Your Family...While There's Still Time

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What we really want for our families is change; more of God's agenda and less of ours. Real love and peace and health in our families, the question is how? In this series we roll up our sleeves and get to work examining seven biblical words that, when understood and applied, will transform your family.

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By Shannel


This is our favorite series so far. James' messages on "hope starts here" and "forgiveness" are life transforming. We have listened to them many times and to Gods glory, put these teachings to work in our own lives.

By Vincent


There are a few people i listen to that teach about the word,, But is only one i Look forward to listening to i try catch it on at 2:30 am I try catch it on that time ,, or 5:30 am drives me crazy if i miss it,, I really Love listening to James teach the word I praise God he sent you to us James, you werre born to worship and you do a great job ,, i thank you for whatyou do , i am a 37 yr old Veteran i have gone to college serverd my country and so on i always felt like i was missing something when i have gone to church just didnt click but i knew i belonged among these people the church i was going to just wasnt or i should say i didnt know how to become apart of that,, so i went on living the way i did, until one day i was listening to radio a song by Hillsong United, since then i put down all the other music that is what i listen to now Love any type of music that Glorifies God, i feel i should be a singer ,, singing to God for A Living it is my passion not sure how to go about it but that is another story ,, also i was at lunch at 2 am one morning i heard you on talking about sharing an apple with a friend i Love the way you described it so on ,, James God loves you, you are a very special person ,, i read Bible off and on groeing up never under stood alot of it, but never gave up, prayed god would help me tell me /teach me i goto church nothing would click i just couldnt understand alot thing had more questions that anything,, i asked God please bring the word to me in a way i will understand it,, then i met you,, i hope to buy all you teachings as i can afford them i listen to them drives me nutts when i miss them i have learned so much and i acually grave the word dont really know how to explain it, but i am grateful to God and thankful for you i have been turning on all those arounfd me that believe in God but dont go to church as much they should and so on,, i ask them if there is nothing you do or one thing you will do for me all year please listen and i try to pick out certain things from you teachings that i think they can relate to or if they could listen to it all so on,, people listen to it and acually thank me,, i could go on for hours,, I just wanted to say it is nurishment alot i dont understand but is alot i do understand since i been listening HUGE help i can say i know i am on the right path now , please excuse my typing not that great at it and i watch keys as i type and dont proof read lol sorry My name is Vincent SMith i am from Collinsville ,IL i havea 14 Yr old Son who lives with me were both learning Keep up the Great work Mr and Mrs James Macdonald and Staff

By Sissy


I live on Native American reservation, I was moved to tears to hear your message on the love of a father this morning. I ask God to bless you for your loving words as so many here have been and still are being abused by the church. And we wonder why the Christian population of the Native Americans are only 2 to 5%? Thank you for the Word pictures you have put in my heart. Sissy

By Anonymous User


This CD series is A+....Outstanding!! It opened me up to the importance of every word and lesson James speaks of in this CD series set. Every Family across America should own this CD set. Drop what you are doing and ORDER THIS NOW!! Ask the well being of my family important to me? Then order.....cut back on the coffee stops...lunches out....and get this CD set. No excuses......Amen!! God Bless!