Reality Check: Find the Hope When Life is Hardest- A Study in 1 Peter

Reality Check: Find the Hope When Life is Hardest- A Study in 1 Peter

Audio Series, 11 CD Set

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Have you ever gotten that cold splash of truth in your face with, Hey, you need a reality check. It's like a snap back to the way things really are, and you're like whoa, how did I get over here? Going face to face with reality is a good thing. Trouble is, most voices in our world don't tell us the truth. We've got to turn off the television and open our Bibles to 1 Peter to get trustworthy instruction on what life is really all about. It's not surprising that the apostle Peter, such a fervent, fanatical follower of Christ would have written a book that we could call a Reality Check.  Nor should it be surprising that James MacDonald would direct our focus so specifically and practically in these eleven studies on life's most critical checkpoints. Get ready, the truth will wake you up and set you free.

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By Robin


Our family owns several of Pastor James' messages in all different formats and this one is our favorite so far. He has the uncanny ability to teach with both humor and EARNEST devotion to his God and his calling. This is one for the whole family; especially husbands, wives. The authority message helped my husband immensely with his boss and the humility spoke to me in a way that has changed my life. Awesome series. Thank you!