Pour It On: Two messages on the Holy Spirit

Pour It On: Two messages on the Holy Spirit

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More Lord, more of You in more ways, at more times in my life, for Your glory. This is a Biblical prayer for a Biblical experience with God. "Pour It On" explores what God longs to do in our lives and how to access it.

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By Roxanne


Wow! This message reached right out to me with the inspiration to begin 2010 with the new years resolution to purpose in my heart to pursue the knowledge of God more and more every day! I am so thirsty for Him and I love His word! James, you referenced so many great old choruses about rain here, but I wonder if you know this old hymn of the Anglican church. I sang it every Sunday during communion and I always thought it was about food... but tonight I was reminded of the deep hunger and thirst in our soul that is only satisfied with the truest knowledge of Jesus - and that this is ALL we need. Thank you for another great series! I hunger and I thirst; Jesus, my manna be: ye living waters, burst out of the rock for me. Thou bruised and broken Bread, my life-long wants supply; as living souls are fed, O feed me, or I die. Thou true life-giving Vine, let me thy sweetness prove; renew my life with thine, refresh my soul with love. Rough paths my feet have trod, since first their course began; feed me, thou Bread of God; help me, thou Son of Man. For still the desert lies my thirsting soul before; O living waters, rise within me evermore. Words: John Samuel Bewley Monsell, Jr., 1866