No More Games: Living and Breathing the Holiness of God

No More Games: Living and Breathing the Holiness of God

Audio Series, 5 CD Set

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Today we constantly hear teaching which proclaims God's call: "be Holy for I am Holy." Most believers have heard that call countless times. Experience tells us that knowing God calls us to be holy and actually living a holy life are worlds apart. The result? Too many Christians abandon the pursuit of holiness and settle for a flesh-driven, self-defeated lifestyle without the joy and victory Christ promises. If you long to go deeper with God and really experience His holiness, and if you want to get beyond the "do's and don'ts" to the "how to's," this series is for you. If you're tired of failing the Lord and feeling the weight of your broken promises, if you long to break free from the compromise that only brings you heartache, this series is for you. In these powerful messages from God's Word, the Holy Spirit will grip your heart and call forth the life transforming confession, "No more games! I want to live and breathe the holiness of God."

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By brandon


WOW!! I needed this. How easy it is to blur the line between what God wants and what I want. Thanks pastor James for not letting me off the hook.