Lord Change My Attitude, Audio Set by James MacDonald

Lord Change My Attitude, Audio Set

Audio Series, 10 CD Set

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It's not about your actions. It's not about your relationships. It’s not about any of your circumstances. It's all about your attitude—and it needs to change. If you want to stop the flow of negativity that causes happiness to hemorrhage, and start the flow of good attitudes that causes abundant joy to flourish, this series is for you. Attitudes are patterns of thinking that take years to form—but you choose them and they can be changed! Find out how you can get your attitude out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land.

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By Jeffrey


This is awesome! I recommend this to EVERYONE. It will change your way of thinking, and your day to day living. J.Palicki New Castle PA.

By Ramon


Lord, Change My Attitude was my introduction to James' teachings, and it changed my life. This series thought me that the hardship in my life is a result of my attitude, and what i choose to focus on decides how my life is. This Series brought out of the wilderness.

By Adam


I definitely needed to hear this series. Complaining and grumbling are big problems in my life and this series called me out and convicted me to change my attitude. It's not easy to change, but the teachings in this series are a fantastic tool that have helped my immensely,

By Chris


I first listened to this entire series 9 years ago with my wife while she was in her final battle with cancer. Six hours before she died, my wife asked Jesus into her heart because she was changed by the power of this message about God's relentless love. If someone you love is far from the Lord, share this series with them.

By Rachel


Our church started this study back in February and I have been blessed. Before watching the series Lord, Change My Attitude I was depressed. This series has helped pull me out of my depression and helped me change the way I think, talk and treat others. It pointed out many different things in my life that I was doing which in return was affecting my happiness and relationship with god. This series was a big eye opener for me and has definitely changed my attitude and in doing so has changed my life.

By Anonymous User


This series was our women's bible study in the Fall and through it, God has really changed my attitudes. The series is one that should be heard time and time again, to remind us how our attitudes shape our living! I loved this series! Awesome!