I Choose Joy- A Study in Philippians

I Choose Joy- A Study in Philippians

Audio Series, 10 CD Set

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If you want more joy in your life, forget about the manufactured prescriptions you pick up in self-help books and on TV talk shows. They won’t work. Joy is God’s gift to His people—it’s a supernatural delight found in knowing God, embracing God’s plan for your life, and fellowshipping with His people. Join James MacDonald in this ten-message series from the book of Philippians. You’ll pick up the truth about joy: how to get it, how to keep it, and how to share it with others.

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By Monica


Very good series. I especially enjoyed the CD's on The Joy of Selflessness.

By Mark


This is not just a feel-good message, but makes you take a hard, reflective look at your alignment (or lack thereof) with our Lord and Master, the Christ Jesus. It's Awesome!

By Jason & Tonia


This was excellent study!! In my life group, we are doing a study of Philippians and it really helps to get another perspective on this book!!!