Family Revival: God's Wisdom at My House

Family Revival: God's Wisdom at My House

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If you turn down the street in your neighborhood and drive past all the houses, you can’t tell the difference between where the wise and the foolish families live. It’s only when you live inside the walls can you discern from the family’s priorities, conversations, habits, and relationships whether they are following God’s plan for their home. Do you want God’s wisdom at your house? It won’t happen by just hearing God’s Word, but in combination of knowing and doing what it says. No family is perfect, but more of God’s blessing and peace will fill the walls of your home if you increasingly make wiser and better choices. These seven messages from the book of Proverbs help you find application from God’s Word where you need it most—where you live and with those you love.

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By Yolanda


I just came across this series after hearing the last broadcast on the radio. It is so rich with God's wisdom and everyday application. It has blessed my family who has been going through a difficult time over the last year. I highly recommend downloading and listening to the series over and over until you are doing what God's word says. I love being able to type in notes as I listen and email them to myself as well.

By Barbara


AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME....What more can I say?

By Stephenie


Our whole family enjoyed this series greatly! We ordered it specifically to listen to while driving to our vacation spot last summer, Glacier National Park. What a blessing & challenge for our family of 5! Our children are teenagers and they especially love James' way of teaching; Biblical, to the point, practical and as my son said, "In your face, but in a good way."

By TaQuisha


This series changed the way I manage life but most of all the role of wife. My favorite is The Wise Family Protects Their Marriage. You're saving Marriages through GOD's word. I praise GOD for sending such practical teachings my way and I share as often as GOD allows. Thank You!!

By Jennifer


Proverbs in a fantastic book, but a person can get lost in it. I think the topics are broken down well, and the practice of wise living is laid out in a way that is humorous, understandable, and easily applicable. Love it!

By Sandra


This study has been the Greatest inspiration to me. I listen to you every day on my way to work. The Lord has Blessed me with his work through you.He has given you a gift of Teaching His Word in Truth. Thank the Lord for You. May the Lord continue to Bless Your Ministry.

By mike


Another Series I need to buy! I have to say all of these Harvest series Messages from God's Word, through James MacDonald are simply "spot on" biblical. Very Convicting and helpful. Praise the Lord. My family is certainly my main mission here, in the "here and now"! I borrowed this from a friend a 12 Stones Ministries in Indiana.