Gripped by the Greatness of God

Gripped by the Greatness of God

James MacDonald

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Is a vibrant faith only a distant memory? When did God last take you to the mat with the reality of His holiness? In "Gripped by the Greatness of God", James MacDonald tackles powerful passages from the Old Testament book of Isaiah and inspires you to blow the dust off your picture of God and worship Him with passion and intensity.

Hardcover, 180 pages

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By Cj


My husband and I received this book as a gift from being a change partner and I recently started reading it. We have the audio messages and I've listened to them a bunch of times. I was worried that the book would just be a repeat of the messages, but I was sooo wrong! The book is amazing, I absolutely love it, the scriptures, how the book is broken up into sections and chapters, the personal stories, the real world applications!!! It is a wonderful book that I look forward to loaning to as many people as I can. I cannot wait to read the rest of James' books!

By Jo


Although I've enjoyed listening to James MacDonald by radio for years, this is the first of his books in my collection. I love that he writes the same way he speaks. I can almost hear his voice as I read. He preaches and teaches with power. His style is never condescending, but more like a passionate friend who wants nothing more than to encourage you to be all that you were created to be. This book is definitely a keeper and as soon as I finished it, I bought one for my friend. It was enlightening, convicting, comforting, and includes things to do to help apply the teaching to one's make it personal. Don't miss this one.

By Mayley


This is a great book to bring us back to the basics of who God is. I was in a spiritual slump, and this study really helped get my heart and attitude focused back on the Truth. I would recommend it to anyone--in fact, my mom is not a reader, but she just purchased the audio cd's of the study due to my rave comments about it! :)

By Matthew


This is a fantastic book from Pastor James MacDonald. I was priveleged to hear these chapters in sermon form and can tell you that this was an amazing trip through the end of Isaiah! So often, our problems and difficulties overwhelm us because our view of God is so small. By seeing the Lord as He truly is, we are RESIZED and our perspective is changed. This book goes through the text carefully, but in a way that any person can follow. It definately follows Pastor James' writing style... think A.W. Tozer meets ESPN SportsCenter. Highly recommended!

By Martin


Doing the bible study with dvd set and cd set. It has been an uplifting time into the greatness of God. My best friend and I are doing this and have been just blown way by this study. Everyone should order it and do it. Get the cds too. Pastor James You rock!!!

By Max


This book was used by God to humble me and bring me closer to Him!!!!! I thank God every day for Walk in the Word.