Downpour: He Will Come To Us Like the Rain Workbook

Downpour: He Will Come To Us Like the Rain Workbook

Workbook, Softcover, 174 pages

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Are you spiritually dry and thirsty for more of God? The landscape of our lives has become dry and scorched. But heaven is bursting with the blessing God wants to rain down on us – not a drizzle but a deluge. With a powerful call to revival, this 12-session Bible study leads believers to lift up their eyes and return to the Lord. When we do, He will heal us…revive us…and restore us. That was the message God gave Hosea, and it’s still true today. So if your church is thirsty for spiritual renewal, there’s downpour on the horizon. This study leads Christians to take the personal steps they need to return to the Lord and experience spiritual renewal and victory. A companion workbook to the DVD study. Order one for each member of your small group.

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By Connie


My husband and I have been in the car for long periods of time lately and have listened to the Downpour series of messages over and over. While my husband drives, I fill out the workbook. What a way to travel! Our lives have been changed through these messages. We have put God back where He belongs, on the throne, sitting (because He can) and Holy, Holy, Holy! Thank you James for being faithful to God's calling and making God's words come alive. I have had the opportunity of sharing my joy with the ladies in my church. Some look at me like I have fallen off my rocker but God will be faithful and the fire will spread. Again, Thank you!!!

By Elidia


Our small church in Ohio did the Downpour series in our small group study. It has changed our lives and our church. Revival has begun! Praise the Lord. Thank you James for being obedient. I listen to your podcast on a daily basis.