Give Thanks Table Set

Give Thanks Table Set

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Thanksgiving. It’s the time of year when families gather around the table and share in their thankfulness with one-another. But, like many families, the attitude of gratitude may be fading before the leftovers are even put away. 

The Give Thanks Table Set is purpose-built to help you and your family engage in a vertical celebration this year. With harvest-themed placemats, place cards and thankfulness sheets, this kit can feed your family’s spirit of gratitude. Each kit includes:

  • 12 placemats printed on high-quality craft paper. Each set of 11”x16” placemats includes 4 unique designs with coloring space.
  • 12 tent style place cards to customize each setting for guests
  • 12 I’m Thankful cards, so that each guest can record a message of gratitude on their own 5”x5” card and celebrate for years to come.

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