Authentic Oneness - DVD Series

Authentic Oneness - DVD Series

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His final words to His closest companions are powerful, passionate,
and of vital importance. Go behind closed doors with Jesus. See
His humility demonstrated, His attitude and actions in the face of
the deepest betrayal, and His clear instructions on how to obey
when it’s hardest and experience calm when it’s most chaotic. He
explains the provision of the Holy Spirit, the pathway to joy, and
the final marching orders His followers most need to hear.

Messages Included?

  • 1) Humble Yourself, PART 1
  • 2) Humble Yourself, Part 2
  • 3) That’s Not What a Kiss is For
  • 5) 5 Freedoms from a troubled heart
  • 6) Help with a difficult obedience
  • 7) The secret to a joyful life, Part 1
  • 8) The secret to a joyful life, Part 2
  • 9) Help with Haters
  • 10) The Glorious Holy Spirit
  • 11) Christmas Gifts from Jesus
  • 12) Jesus Is Praying For You

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