Have the Funeral: God's Plan for Your Past

Have the Funeral: God's Plan for Your Past

Study Kit

Study Kit
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Forgiving, like a funeral, is not easy. The hurt is real and you feel it deeply. Thankfully, God understands our inclination to harbor unforgiveness, and He gave us Matthew 18 to set us straight.

The Have the Funeral study explores the process of forgiveness—from the biblical definition all the way to the official burial of our unforgiveness and life thereafter. James MacDonald’s no nonsense approach to the topic is ideal, combining practical application with timeless truths from Scripture.

It’s time to bury the past God’s way. And walk away from the funeral free from the burden…once and for all.

Kit includes:

  • One DVD with six 15-minute segments from the sermon series
  • One small group Study Guide with Discussion Questions


  • Discussion questions
  • Warm Up – to get your group talking
  • Video Setup – provides context for the teaching and upcoming questions
  • Viewer Guide – moves you to practical application
  • Biblical Background – integrates the biblical passages and how they apply
  • Journaling – giving you a question to ponder between meetings
  • You're Up – offering ways to apply biblical principles to your everyday life

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