10 Choices: A Proven Plan to Change Your Life Forever

10 Choices: A Proven Plan to Change Your Life Forever

James MacDonald

10 Choices, Softcover book
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10 Choices to change your life—what if it was true?  What if you could make these “10 Choices” and your life would be different? Not different like you’ll have mint-y fresh breath if you switch toothpaste —I’m talking radically different.   What if just one of these choices would change your relationships and for the rest of your life you’d experience the freedom of forgiveness? What if your first response to trials was always faith? What if you knew for a fact that your life was designed for great purpose and impact? Change like that.  That’s the kind of transformation God has proven He can do in our lives when we follow His prescription on life. And that’s what the book "10 Choices" is all about. Each of the 10 Choices can turn your life around. For real.

Hardcover, 278 pages


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By Amelia


I LOVE IT! I've shared it with friends,and ordered another book.I gave the book to my son,and I will order a few more in the next few weeks to share with co-workers.Thanks Paster JAMES, I LOVE YOUR TEACHINGS. God Bless you! AM

By Mame


"Listen up, people." This book really delivers the kind of biblical punch I have come to expect and appreciate from James MacDonald. James clear message continues (in this book)to keep it real, understandable and indispensable for both new as well as seasoned believers who are called to 'walk the walk'. Thanks James. God has blessed you with a unique talent that is powerful and inviting to all who choose to follow this narrow road. Keep up the good work! -Mame, Pennsylvania

By Karen


We are ordering 10 more copies as we will be doing a small group study of this book in our church family. We rated it 5 stars because that was the highest choice, however, it deserves a 10!!! Every new believer needs to read this book. Thank you Pastor James for sharing this through your writing. Karen - Colorado

By Diane


I saw the two-day sale on 10 Choices, before Christmas, prayed about it and decided to buy two copies, one for me to read and share and one to give to my 19 year-old grandson who often displays a rebellious streak. I didn't give it to him on Christmas day because I wanted to read some of it first and just the first chapter convinced me that this was what the Lord wanted for him. He put off reading it for awhile, but when I drove in from work one day he came out to greet me, wanting to give me a hug. I said "I'm for that." So we hugged and he began to thank me for the book. He had read two hours that day and was so excited about it that he pulled out a quote and sent it to his facebook friends. The family is noticing a change and we know it's because of the word of truth shared with Jame's "right on" illustrations. Thank you Lord and James MacDonald!! Diane

By Brian


this message series is awesome and i think anyone will enjoy is for the all christian walks of life.. so much information packed on each cd... i listen to them over and over again... deffinately a great investment.