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God cares deeply about your attitude, and chances are, your attitude could use some adjustment! Even in the best of circumstances, a good attitude does not come naturally. But you can replace complaining with thanksgiving, covetousness with contentment, criticism with love, and adjust your attitude ones that honor Him.  This study, based on the Israelites' journey out of Egypt, shows how your attitudes can keep you in the wilderness or allow you to enjoy the blessings of the promised land.


  • Revised video sessions with new teaching from James MacDonald
  • A paperback version of Lord Change My Attitude
  • 10-week Bible Study Book with group and personal components
  • Promotional video
  • Leader Kit and Bible Study Book updated and redesigned for ease of use

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By Russ


As I previewed this course of study before I presented it to my Bible Study class, I realized that I needed to warn the class to wear steel toed shoes. I have never found a study that strpped on our toes and opened our eyes as this one did. Thanks be to God for this message. It brought us together and I watched the Lord work in our study group and it was inspiring. This is one study that will be repeated over and over in our church for a long time.

By Susan


Our Sunday School class used this study and we laughed, cried and prayed together. Each lesson was meaningful and offered food for thought. The workbook offered questions for personal reflection and articles were heavily backed by Scripture. What's not to like? We think our small group is closer and more transparent because of this study.

By Dorothy


This is a life changing study. It is not an easy study in that it requires a serious look inside our hearts.

By sandra


We are just completing this study - it has been life changing for our group. There will be something in this study that God will use to change your attitude - guaranteed. Sandra

By Mike


I just started leading this study and i think it will be the best thing i've ever been a part of! really life changing for many people. thank you james for clear God honoring teaching.

By Elizabeth


This bible study is phenomenal. I led a group of 9 teen girls in this study a year ago, and my husband and I are ordering our own personal copy to share with neighbors and friends. LIFE CHANGING is how I describe this awesome study. God used this to change my heart, and I didn't think I needed work on my attitude...Amazing how God revealed my grumbling coveteous heart to see Him more clearly and glorify Him with my ALL of me...my attitude being first and foremost!