Way of Wisdom: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View of God's Will

Way of Wisdom: A Biblical Alternative to the Traditional View of God's Will

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People wrestle with the concept of God’s will all the time without understanding what it really means. Some picture God as a cosmic Easter bunny who has hidden His will for their lives in little parcels all over the world, and we’re supposed to go around hunting for them. Others believe that God’s will is very specific: a specific house, a specific spouse, a specific job. They caution: better make the right decision or else you’ll be out of God’s will for the rest of your life.  But God is not like that!  God wants you to know His will. He’s not keeping it a mystery. He also wants you to experience the freedom of following His will. If you want to know what God would have you do in some pressing decision, you need to know how to apply what the Bible says. God is incredibly interested in how you live your life. In fact, that’s what His will is all about. Get the truth about the will of God in this series from James MacDonald. Caution: It may shake you up a bit—or better— free you  up to follow Christ with greater joy and confidence. 

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By Rebekah


I have been waiting for this message my whole christian life! I really understand God's true will for us now. I never felt comfortable when people would say they are waiting for or need a sign from God. Now I have a response to that! I enjoyed the analogy of the cookies-God loves us and wants to give us options! An awesome, thought provoking series. Thank you Pastor James!

By Shannon


I love listening to the biblical wisdom James shares every day! This particular message has really made me think and change my mindset. I am extremely grateful!

By Jannette


I recently "stumbled" across the WITW broadcast on the radio during my commute. I now eagerly await the message each morning as I travel to work. The teachings by Pastor MacDonald has stirred my hunger for the word like no other. The truths are so clear. Thank you Pastor MacDonald for your spirit of excellence and you willingness to impart wisdom and knowledge to the body!

By James


James is so helpful in motivating me to rethink my traditional values, and actually teach me in how to accept only the real word of God, which has freed up my spirit,and my superstitious way of believing in God's Will! Thank You, and God Bless Your Ministry!