Always Resolve Everything Now teaching by Pastor James MacDonald

Always Resolve Everything Now: The Key to Lasting Relationships

Audio Series, 3 CD Set

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Avoid it. Ignore it. Sweep it under the carpet. Flip the page of the calendar and hope it’ll go away. But it won’t. Personal conflict between family members, coworkers, neighbors, even brothers and sisters in the body of Christ robs us of peace, distorts our perspective, and destroys our relationship with God. Hear this: God is all about resolving relational conflict. In fact, His Word details specific ways you can begin to resolve conflicts in your relationships . . . today! Download His truth into your life from these three messages and get started resolving conflict . . . NOW!

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By Steffanie


A few years back, I had begun to really feel convicted that I might not be handling a particular relationship in my life correctly. I heard tidbits of this series on the daily radio show and simply HAD TO hear the entire teaching because it was speaking so clearly to this need in my life. It became the first of many series I have purchased, but has by far been the most valuable. It gave me confirmation in some areas where I had done well, and helped me to see where I needed to re-examine or persist to be within God's will in a difficult relationship with an extended family member. I have referred back to it many times and also had the pleasure of sharing it with others more than once.

By Shannel


We currently have about 10 or 12 different series by James Macdonald. This is, by far, the one you must listen to, if you have not heard it. He clearly and passionately lays out the biblical case for making relationships right. He persuasively shows that God wants us to reconcile with others, now.

By Brian


very good at having a christian like relationship and having god for the souce of any conflict that resides